Considering a new Pond Pump?

Considering a new Pond Pump?

Why go external pump vs submersible pump on your pond or water feature? Because quality and power matter when it comes to maintaining a clean and clear pond. Typically submersible pumps are significantly under-powered to handle the amount of fish and turtle waste on hand. We always suggest to "over-plumb, over-pump, and over-filter your pond." Additionally UV lights built with slo-flow are a great addition to your water feature.

We always install "pressure filters" on our projects which require high-power pumps, so we suggest buying a pump from a company with a reputation like Pentair. We are not affiliated nor do we benefit financially from this article.

Out of all the new generation Pentair pumps currently offered, there are 2 pumps that are the most popular and typically what we'd install on a new koi pond or 1500+ gallon water feature. While each of these pumps has a different price point, they look the same and get similar reviews. Their inherent differences do justify the price differential. Here is the rundown.

External Pumps work great for koi ponds and retention basins

Pentair IntelliFlo VS 011012

This variable speed pump is the core model of which the other pump is a variation. This core product is one of the best and most popular pumps, outselling all other variable speed pumps; and for good reason. This revolutionary pump was one of the very first pumps to be Energy-Star certified. This means that it meets the strict energy efficiency criteria set by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and the U.S. Department of Energy.

Pentair IntelliFlo VF 011012

Robust, capable and high-tech, the VF version of the IntelliFlo line of products goes one step further. It comes with basic features such as programmable timers and speeds as well as other specialized features. With its on board computer, it has the ability to automatically determine the minimum flow a pool needs for pond equipment tasks such as running jets, cleaning, heating, filtration, circulation, and water features. It also comes with a digital display which shows the current speeds. Another stand out feature is an inbuilt diagnostics tool that helps negate the occurrence of common pump issues such as overheating, freezing, loss of prime, and voltage irregularities.

There are slight variations across the line-up, and each product offers a unique set of features. These pumps regularly outperform single-speed pumps and user feedback has been overwhelmingly positive. The IntelliFlo line of products are by far our bestsellers!

If you have any questions, we are always willing and ready to answer them. Let us help you get the perfect pump for your pond or water feature.

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