Uno Shock Lake Treatment Solution


  • Versatile and Biodegradable – This versatile formula is also biodegradable making it safe to apply and swim in.  Uno Shock™ is more powerful and safer than any toxic chemical option.
  • “Pool Shock on Steroids!” – Uno Shock™ can be used for shock treatment on pathogens or trickled in to help maintain a healthy body of water.
  • Shocks with Oxidation – Our breakthrough technology creates the oxidative stress used to disinfect, oxidize and sanitize, simultaneously.
  • Safe for Fish –  Uno Shock™ creates additional oxygen in the water which allows the fish to thrive.
  • Easy to Use – Because it comes in an instant, liquid form…Uno Shock™ is easy to apply and does not require a technical expert to administer.
  • Very practical and affordable – One gets it done.  No need to store a bunch of toxic chemicals that are dangerous to all.  
  • Aquaculture Purposes – The ingredients in our technology are used for aquaculture purposes as well.


What is this lake treatment solution?

A non-toxic, liquid ozone.  It is the dominant chemical for disinfecting, oxidizing and sanitizing water.

What is this lake treatment solution made up of?

Uno Shock™ is a modified Fenton’s reagent with a novel chemistry of mineral oxychlorides stabilized in a water-based solution.  In layman’s terms, it is 12.5% bleach mixed with mineral oxychloride.  This turns it into a biodegradable concentrate that has extreme oxidant properties.  If Chlorine were a hand grenade, Uno Shock™ would be napalm.  That’s how powerful it is.

How does it act?

It does everything that ozone does, only better.  It disinfects, oxidizes, sanitizes, sterilizes, removes biofilm, removes metals, eliminates taste & odor issues, de-odorizes, de-colorizes (bleaches), etc.

The difference between Uno Shock™ and ozone is that Uno Shock™ comes in an instant liquid form…Ozone gas has to be produced with an ozone generator.  Uno Shock™ cost 99% less than ozone to produce.

The advent of Uno Shock™ eliminates the need to use multiple, toxic chemicals and ozone ever again.  If customers want to supplement with Uno Shock™, that’s okay too.

Why would a customer want it?

The ideal customer for Uno Shock™ is going to be a lake & pond service company.  Using Uno Shock™ will reduce their inventory of toxic chemicals significantly and bring their cost down when quoting a job.

In addition, the lake & pond service companies can treat commercial pools and aquatic invasive species with Uno Shock™.

Who else has this?

We are the only entity that has a mineral oxychloride solution that is NSF and EPA approved in the world.

How much is it?

MSRP is $125 per gallon.  Lake & Pond service companies can buy wholesale for $59 per gallon.  The same goes for Retail Stores that stock Lake & Pond chemicals.

Who else has used it?

Uno Shock™ goes back to 2011 when it hit the market for other applications.  Aquaculture companies, Agriculture companies, Water & Wastewater facilities, Lake & Pond service companies, Oil & Gas companies, etc. have used this technology to clear up pathogen issues.

What is the shelf life of Uno Shock™?

When stored properly in a dark, cool place (similar to Chlorine), the shelf-life for Uno Shock™ can last up to six months.

Uno Shock™ does not like UV light from the sun.  Keep out of the sun and it will last longer.  It is also a good idea to treat water after dusk, instead of during the day for more effect.

How much does Uno Shock™ weigh?

10 lbs. per gallon…a little heavier than water.

What is the specific gravity of Uno Shock™?

1.14 – 1.22

What is the pH of Uno Shock™?

11.0 to 12.5 typically in 68° F water.

How long have you been in business?

LMI since 1976.  Uno Shock™ since 2011.  Uno Shock™ had a chemical name before we gave it a marketing name.

What is your Value Proposition?

“One gets it done.”  Customers should consider switching to Uno Shock™ because it will reduce their cost and labor.  Only one biodegradable chemical is necessary to treat the many issues in water.

What doesn’t Uno Shock™ do?

It is not an herbicide (kills weeds) or a fertilizer.

Is Uno Shock™ compliant?

Yes, it is NSF/ANSI 60 for drinking water and it is EPA approved in the U.S. for Texas, Washington and California.  There are many more states coming.