HOA Fountain & Pond Rehab – Mission Viejo

Homeowners Association Water Feature Rehab

Project Details

Project Name: Italian Rock-Work Koi Pond + Waterfall

Published Date: April 7, 2020

Location: Laguna Niguel and Laguna Beach CA

Value: $50,000

Type of Project: Pond Construction

Managing large bodies of water is what we’ve always known and understood. With that comes smaller water features like ponds and fountains – who can be commercially managed and of extreme importance to the local community. When water features stop running – the community will usually speak up. Water features help reduce noise from traffic and people within close proximity.

What the HOA community can often forget is there is always a budget to be had – and as a professional aquatic service provider, we do our best to work within the budget set aside for projects like this one.

We’ve worked with this home owners association located in Mission Viejo California for over 30 years – survived competitive bids from outside aquatic contractors, and have managed to keep the entire community happy by reducing the extremely toxic “golden algae” and helping the fish not only survive – but flourish and reproduce effectively. Second to that, we were called in to assist with this cement-constructed fountain needing a fresh coat of paint, new plumbing parts, pond equipment, and many more items not obvious to the naked eye.

Of course the local residents love the lake that surrounds their homes, but water features like the one in this post can’t be forgotten either or else they can turn into not only eye sores but biological cesspools as well. After 5 months of working with the HOA management company we were able to get this water feature up and running. Best part is, we receive praise from the local residents almost every time we are out managing the water features as well – just what we strive to do.

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