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    Uno Shock Lake Treatment Solution

    • Versatile and Biodegradable – This versatile formula is also biodegradable making it safe to apply and swim in.  Uno Shock™ is more powerful and safer than any toxic chemical option.
    • “Pool Shock on Steroids!” – Uno Shock™ can be used for shock treatment on pathogens or trickled in to help maintain a healthy body of water.
    • Shocks with Oxidation – Our breakthrough technology creates the oxidative stress used to disinfect, oxidize and sanitize, simultaneously.
    • Safe for Fish –  Uno Shock™ creates additional oxygen in the water which allows the fish to thrive.
    • Easy to Use – Because it comes in an instant, liquid form…Uno Shock™ is easy to apply and does not require a technical expert to administer.
    • Very practical and affordable – One gets it done.  No need to store a bunch of toxic chemicals that are dangerous to all.  
    • Aquaculture Purposes – The ingredients in our technology are used for aquaculture purposes as well.