Bodies of water on corporate campuses and workplaces often play a functional and aesthetic role that acts as a focal point that is impressive while also serving the purpose of a storm water management facility. The storm water facilities are used for containing water during rains and decreasing flooding to the property, to filter organic matter and sediment in a storm water runoff.

The facilities managers have an understanding about the impact of maintaining a balance between function and beauty, along with other factors which can have an effect on freshwater ecosystem health. Partnering with a commercial pond management company allows for a way to use your bodies of water to their fullest potential, and to prevent things such as clogged fountains, unpleasant odors or pond scum from reflecting badly on your business.


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Leave It To The Commercial Aquatic Professionals

From algae and aquatic weed management, floating-fountain installation, mosquito control, and storm water inspections, you need a solution set to truly assist you in achieving balance along with environmentally sustainable and long-term results.

Lake Management Inc offers a Depth of Expertise to offer the right sustainable solutions that you need.

Achieving Beauty Through Science

Stand out from your competitors and impress clients, prospects and your staff with the right outdoor environment that will truly captivate the eye. Lake Management Inc team of environmental scientists, ecologists and biologists combine their skills in science to make sure the bodies of water on your campus, stays beautiful, healthy and complies with municipal, state and federal regulations.

Preventative strategies happen to be one of our specialties, from storm water-pond inspections and water-quality testing, to bathymetric studies and lake mapping that assist you to understand changes to the bodies of water, and to budget accurately for any future expenses along with creating the right timeline for the larger projects such as dredging.

We have an expert eye when it comes aesthetics. Whether the property needs a makeover, or you are interested in water features that are more memorable, we offer tools that enhance the overall beauty of the pond or lake. You can also personalize the property with floating fountains, custom architectural fountains or a unique waterfall that has been designed according to your budget and goals.

Capitalize on ecologically sustainable and balanced pond and lake management programs that reward you with reassurance. An all-inclusive and comprehensive program assists with removing the burden associated with management, leaving you with advantages of an aquatic ecosystem that is aesthetically pleasing, which will become an attractive focal-point for your campus.


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Ask Yourself:

What Is Really Being Done With Your Water Feature?

Lake Management Inc will show you how integrated approaches to pond and lake management will bring about an ecological balance to the aquatic resources.

What Is The Real Value In Our Water Feature Services?

We offer you with sustainable benefits and true clarity that Lake Management Inc is able to offer to all your aquatic environments.

What Is Really Going On With Your Pond?

The focus on science behind all of this. This includes what goes on under the water, and how every factor of the surrounding watershed and site will have an affect on management of the pond or lake along with how our sustainable approaches work in harmony with nature to arrive at ecological balance and quality results.

What Does Your Pond Really Need?

Frequent visits that offer a proactive as well as continual lake and pond management along with restoration, making sure any issues are either resolved or prevented.

Enrich your existing ecosystem and inspire prospects, client and staff.

Original Source: https://lakemanagementinc.net

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