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Property Name: Temecula Hills Golf Course

Type of Property: Golf Course

Location: Temecula, California

Aquatic Services, Golf Course

When maintaining your own golf course water feature management, your golf course superintendent should ensure the entire watercourse is maintained above and below the surface. This will attract new members, make golfers happy, improve your property, and reduce your costs over the long term.

Perhaps you want the addition of a golf course pond or the restoration of existing water features. If this is your situation, we’re here to answer your query. Lake Management Inc. offers a broad range of cost-effective pond management solutions including the construction and installation of water features. Our lake ecosystem and pond ecosystem maintenance services are affordable and efficient.

Perhaps you’re thinking about adding a lake or pond to your golf course water feature management or need to repair an existing water feature. Whatever the case, you’ve come to the right place! At Lake Management Inc., we offer timely, cost-effective, quality solutions for every water-related feature you might have.

Our Custom Lake And Pond Maintenance Services

At Lake Management Inc., we always make it a priority to offer clients a service using the industry’s latest golf course water feature management equipment and tWe at Lake Management Inc. (LMI) are pleased to present an array of innovative products that proactively utilize golf course water feature management to focus on your turf, clubs, and players. Enhance your country club or private golf course water feature management and improve the water quality in your lake or pond.

  • Our solutions combat and control the invasion of HABs harmful algae blooms. If algae are left untreated, it can contaminate the entire pond, removing all the nutrients from the water.
  • We offer erosion control to protect your wetland area from being infiltrated with fine sediment or debris.
  • If you’re going for aesthetic appeal, we offer surface spray aerating fountains, special lighting, diffused aeration systems, among other products.

When it comes down to lake and stream management, we’re the ones to call! Let us handle the upkeep of your waterbody so you can focus on your turf and visitors.

A Five-Step Of Golf Course Water Feature Management Program

Aeration is an environmental aeration process that encourages the biodegradation of organic materials within a nicely maintained pond. The two forms that establish natural balance can be divided. Passive refers to waste exposed to air while Active refers to mixing/blowing equipment that injects or vaporizes air with dissolved oxygen and adequate circulation.

Aeration has several positive effects on aquatic ecosystems including water-quality enhancement, reduction in foul odors, bacteria accumulations, and mosquito populations. It also reduces the number of algae, aquatic plants, and other plants. Filtration involves removing impurities from your golf course pond water for better clarity and higher quality. Most lakes use cartridge, bio, or once-through filters.

Lastly, your pond management company will sometimes employ physical maintenance to perform a general cleaning or maintenance routine that increases the life cycle of a water feature and removes water hazards.

Nutrient Sources || Golf Course Water Feature Management

Sediments, vegetation in the lake, and water are discharged into an adjacent turf. Excess nutrients can typically be found in agriculture, wastewater discharges, chemicals, or homes. During the dry season, runoff of nutrients can be particularly challenging due to increased evaporation and decreased nutrient flow.

With excessive nutrients, the water in most waterbodies can end up undergoing different kinds of negative environmental impacts. The runoff that results only in highly fertilized grass can be damaging to your waterscape. Decomposed leaves and grass clippings are also important nutrient sources in ponds.

Our team is always prepared to test your water quality to advise you of the measures that should be taken. Don’t wait any longer to treat your ponds or lakes – get in touch with us. Have an emergency? We have technicians on call 24/7 to ensure your property runs smoothly whether it’s day or night. Give us a call to learn more!

Water Feature Age

Oligotrophic waterbodies are clean and deep, with very low amounts of nutrition as well as low secondary production. It’s characteristic for younger waterbodies. Mesotrophic lakes are often enriched with nutrients, organics, and sometimes algae. Eutrophic lakes contain high levels of nutrients, produce primarily primary production, and can have frequent algae blooms in their habitat. Another common characteristic is the high accumulation of organic materials with poor clarity. Eutrophic waterbodies are usually considered deteriorating by age and are the most dangerous.

Nutrient Sources || Golf Course Water Feature Management


Biotins are essentially living parts of lakes and a healthy ecosystem. With proper pH, the lake or pond becomes a thriving wildlife habitat that sustains biodiversity and healthy balance. However, an overabundance of animals can become uncontrollable when the equilibrium gets disturbed. If the dissolved oxygen level drops drastically, then it is impossible to support fish and sea creatures. Too many aquatic birds may affect surrounding plant growth, affecting nutrient intake and encouraging the growth of invasive species and other species of plants. This makes the waterbody vulnerable and it loses its visual appeal.

Increase Property Value And Demand With Stunning Waterbodies

Making a beautiful property requires more than bodies of water and meeting regulations. The property must offer something more that will draw your prospective clients’ attention. Our team is delighted to offer a suite of innovative solutions of golf course water feature management that actively manage your water surface area to improve water quality, remove debris, add beauty, and enable you to concentrate on your development and maintenance efforts. Bring your property into a proactive aquatic golf course water feature management system.

Fountains Floating

Our service and warranty assistance cover the largest variety of floating fountains and other lake and pond products. We offer an extensive range of AquaMaster, AquaControl, KACO, Bearon Aquatics, and Otterbine fountain products that help improve the quality of water and aesthetics.


Diffused aeration systems use weatherproof onshore compressors to pump air and for adding oxygen into a subsurface tube, which creates bubbles in lakes. When bubbles rise, they transport low oxygen water to the golf course water feature management. The solution offers excellent solutions for improving the quality of water and oxygen levels.

Environment & Nutrient Remediation

Some major environmental variables affect your lakes such as weather changes, precipitations, and land usage. More frequent droughts and changing precipitations decrease water levels and reduce the ability of pollutants to dissolve. The increased temperature can wreak havoc leading to frequent algal blooms and decreasing the concentration of dissolved oxyl and toxins present.

Nutrient remediation is a proper golf course water feature management technique that is environmentally friendly and employed to reduce excess water nutrient content in a wetland area. Biochar phosphorus and biochar are useful water management nutrients to reduce the quality of water, based on binding or lack of nutrients.

Koi Pond Cleanings
Filtration Repairs
Uv Light Replaced
A sand filtration system with a pump and filter.

Nuisance Algae And Aquatic Weed Prevention And Control

Our lake experts use advanced weed problem and algae control products and methods to remove harmful algae and nuisance weed growth from lakes. We use drone technology to scout the area for algae problems. The wingspan is 6 feet tall, and its gyroscopic GPS navigation features make this drone an efficient and easy-to-reach tool.

Oxygen saturated techniques (OST) is a premium solution offered by SOLitude to improve the quality of water. This algae control process decreases bottom water to prevent harmful algae, toxic cyanobacteria, and fish death.

Fisheries || Golf Course Water Feature Management

Can I catch largemouth muskie bass or grass carp? Our professional fish stocks and feeder services include habitat and feeding systems and surveys of predators and prey. Build your fishing trophy with an Integrated Fisheries Strategy, even in a small pond.

Bioengineered Living Shorelines (Erosion Control)

Shorelines should be monitored to protect your lakes. A deteriorated structure may damage banks and property values or cause damage from fires and shattered infrastructure. Technology enables the repair of damaged coastlines and establishes healthy buffers.

Water Quality Testing, Hydro-Raking, & Herbicide Application

The resulting scientific tests include pH, alkali, color, phosphorus, and nitrogen. Data collected on the quality of water can be used by a team of aquatic technicians to determine which solution is most effective for a lake.

A hydro-rake helps in removing sediment. It removes large amounts of uncontained sediments and particles from the bottom of lakes. This natural remedy can help prevent the growth of golf course water feature management weeds.

Aquatic herbicides are useful tools that can be used to remove plant species. Innovative herbicide targets enhance application efficiency.


Keeping our lakes, watersheds, and fisheries healthy and beautiful is a long-term job. It demands constant care and professional attention from highly skilled Lake Managers during the same period. This is what you get with LMI’s SOL Pro Plans. We are water feature builders offering management, maintenance, and repairs of your golf course water feature management waterfall and golf course water trap.


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Aquatic Management Services

Homeowner Association Lake Maintenance

We are pond repair and maintenance experts of large bodies of water. Our lake management experts are especially equipped and trained to detect whether your pond or water feature installation is actively losing water, potentially costing your property thousands of dollars annually in wasted water.

Country Club Pond Services

We oversee a diverse group of both public and privately owned golf courses in the Anaheim area. Our staff is always prepared, knowledgeable, and as discrete as possible when dealing with a client. We can work on the pond water around your hours and when customers are not golfing in the local area.

Public Park Water Feature Services

Professional services for public parks requiring commercial-grade management. Our aquatic technicians are capable of managing all types of water features, including fountains, waterfalls, and commercial-grade equipment.

Hotel And Apartment Complex Water Features

Professional services for public parks requiring commercial-grade management. Our aquatic technicians are capable of managing all types of water features, including fountains, waterfalls, and commercial-grade equipment.

Frequently Asked Questions

A golf course pond uses a dredging machine to pump water and sludge away via a submersible pump. Water containing small chunks and sediment is collected in bags that allow it to pass out of the bag while trapping sludge within.

A pond is called a water hazard on the golf course. In golf, a water hazard is any open body of water on the course. This may include ponds, lakes, rivers, and streams.

Golfers usually search for fairways that are firm and fast-rolling greens when rating a golf course. Managers of golfing fields must pay close attention to these three aspects in order to maintain an ideal perception and consistency level for their players. According to the USGA, the key factors needed to achieve a well-desired putting green experience include firmness, slope, and speed.

Usually, a golf course has three ponds that are part of the artificial water storage and irrigation pond system. Each shallow water pond collects water during the rainy season, which is then pumped to the course when it is dry.

Not all filtration is the same. We specialize in building custom koi pond filtration setups. Our pond repair services include providing top-notch pressure filters, sized according to your pond. Forget all-in-one filtration and pump combos. The koi pond services we build is top-notch, can be backwashed with ease, and even waters your local garden with high-quality organic fertilizer. Contact our pond repair service for a custom installation or repair today.

We maintain all types of water features.
– Golf Course Streams
– Golf Course Waterfalls
– Golf Course Pondless Waterfalls & Fountains
– Golf Course Large and Small Lakes (Including Shoreline Restoration)
– Golf Course Large and Small Ponds (including koi ponds)
– Golf Course Water Feature Equipment (Pond Pumps, Filtration, UV-Lights, Plumbing and more)

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