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Hotel Water Feature Services

Design and Consultation

We offer expert design and consultation services to create custom water features that align with your hotel's aesthetic and enhance your guests experience.

Installation & Maintenance

Our team provides professional installation and comprehensive maintenance plans to ensure your hotel's water features operate efficiently and effectively.

Upgrades and Enhancements

We offer upgrades and enhancements to existing water features, incorporating the latest technology and design trends to revitalize your hotel's ambiance.

Allow Your Guests to Enjoy The Water Features on Your Property

Elevate your guest experience with our comprehensive waterfall services. From elegant fountains in the lobby to serene ponds and waterfalls in outdoor spaces, we service all types of water features. 

Our team ensures that every aspect of your hotel’s water features are meticulously maintained, from pump installation and maintenance to filtration system services and lighting installations, we can do it all!

Why Choose Us To Manage Your Hotel Water Feature?

  • Experience and Commitment to Quality. Our expert team of scientists and water management experts combine their skills to ensure your water structures stay beautiful through their experience and commitment to quality.
  • Comprehensive Solutions. We offer a full suite of services, from custom design and installation to regular maintenance and emergency repairs. 
  • Proven Track Record. With years of experience and a portfolio of successful hotel projects, we have built a reputation for excellence in the industry. Our clients trust us to deliver high-quality water features that exceed their expectations.

Our Aquatic Hotel Services

Lake Management Inc. offers specialized services for water bodies in hotels. These services include hotel pools, spas and hot tubs, water features and more. Our extensive list of services has made us a trusted name in the lake and pond management industry, and we’re passionate about aquatic hotel management. Here’s a quick overview of some of our hotel services:

Hotel Pool Management

Hotel Pool Management

Keep your hotel pool sparkling clean and guest-ready with our expert hotel pool management solutions. We handle everything from routine cleaning to chemical balancing.
Hotel Spa Management

Hotel Spa and Hot Tub Management

Ensure your spa and hot tub offer a luxurious and hygienic experience with our specialized hotel spa and hot tub management services. Our team ensures the perfect balance of cleanliness and comfort for your guests.
The hotel's water feature is flowing.

Hotel Water Feature Management

Our hotel fountain and water feature management includes regular maintenance, cleaning, and repair services to keep your water features looking their best.
Hotel lake and pond Management

Hotel Lake and Pond Management

We help you maintain the natural beauty and ecological balance of your hotel's lakes and ponds with our dedicated hotel lake and pond management services.
Hotel aquatic facility design and construction

Hotel Aquatic Facility Design and Construction

Transform your vision into reality with our custom hotel aquatic facility design and construction services. We specialize in designing and building unique aquatic facilities that enhance your hotel's appeal and functionality.
Outdoor pool with clear blue water, surrounded by trees and a view of a distant lake under a bright blue sky. A metal handrail is visible on the left side of the pool, enhancing the serene water feature at our luxurious hotel.

Hotel Aquatic Facility Safety and Compliance

We offer assessments and support services to ensure hotel aquatic facility safety and compliance. We ensure all safety measures are met to provide a secure environment for your guests.
A group of five people sitting in a circle, engaged in discussion. One person gestures with hands while others listen and smile. The setting appears to be a bright, modern room within a hotel, offering top-notch services and featuring an elegant water feature nearby.

Hotel Aquatic Facility Staff Training

Help your team feel empowered through our aquatic facility management programs. They'll acquire the skills and knowledge needed to effectively manage and maintain aquatic facilities.
Hotel water feature services

Hotel Seasonal Preparation and Upkeep:

Our team helps you prepare your aquatic facilities for seasonal changes with our meticulous hotel seasonal preparation and upkeep services. We handle all aspects of seasonal maintenance to keep your water features and pools in top condition year-round.

Commercial & Residential Aquatic Services

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Other Aquatic Services

Algae blooms & weed control

Invasive species mitigation and control

Water clarity & quality testing

shoreline erosion management

Water level management & detection

Liner & bottom soil damage

infrastructure damage

Mosquitos and other pests

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We provide a comprehensive range of services including regular maintenance, water quality testing, algae and bacteria control, equipment installation and repair, dredging, aeration, and eco-friendly treatment solutions.

We utilize state-of-the-art water testing methods to monitor pH levels, nutrient content, and the presence of harmful bacteria. Our team applies environmentally safe treatments to maintain clear, clean, and healthy water, ensuring a safe and visually appealing environment for your guests

Our pricing is tailored to the specific needs of each hotel. We offer competitive rates with flexible packages and contract options. For an accurate estimate, we provide a free initial consultation and assessment of your water features.

The frequency of maintenance depends on the type and size of your water features. Generally, we recommend bi-weekly to monthly maintenance visits to ensure optimal performance and appearance. Customized maintenance plans are available based on your specific requirements.

Safety is our top priority. We conduct regular inspections and maintenance to prevent hazards, install safety barriers and signage where necessary, and use non-toxic treatments. Additionally, our team follows strict safety protocols during all maintenance activities to ensure a secure environment for your guests.