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Predatory Animals & Aquatic Species Management

Ecosystem Assessment

We conduct comprehensive ecosystem assessments to identify the presence and impact of predatory species and invasive aquatic species, providing a clear understanding of your lake or pond's ecosystem. Our services include species identification, population surveys, and biodiversity assessments.

Consultation & Management

Our experts offer consultation and management plans focused on controlling predatory animals and invasive species. We develop customized species management strategies to ensure ecological balance and the health of your water feature.

Implementation and monitoring

We implement targeted strategies for managing predatory animals and invasive species, with continuous monitoring to adjust interventions and maintain the optimal health of your lake or pond.

Comprehensive Solutions for Healthy Lakes and Ponds

At LMI, we offer our customers reliable, effective, and sustainable predatory animals and aquatic species management. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help maintain the natural balance of your lake or pond.


Why choose Us:

  • Environmental Responsibility. We are committed to using environmentally friendly methods and sustainable practices. Our solutions not only address the immediate issues but also promote the long-term health and balance of your aquatic environment.
  • Local Expertise. As a locally based company, we have a deep understanding of the regional ecosystems and specific challenges, allowing us to offer more effective and relevant solutions.
  • Customer Satisfaction Guarantee. Your satisfaction is our  priority. We stand by our services and are committed to delivering incredible results.

Our Predatory Animals & Aquatic Species Services

Predatory animals and invasive aquatic species can disrupt the balance of your lake or pond, causing various challenges. By choosing our predatory species management services, you benefit from enhanced water quality, improved biodiversity, and a more aesthetically pleasing aquatic environment. Our proactive approach helps prevent costly damage and long-term ecological imbalance, providing peace of mind and a beautiful, well-maintained lake or pond.

Close-up of a brown snail with a conical shell crawling on sandy substrate, with green aquatic plants in the background. This fascinating aquatic species navigates its environment with ease.

Invasive Species Control

Protect your water ecosystem with our comprehensive invasive species control services. We handle invasive species removal and native species support to maintain a balanced habitat.
Four geese stand in a grassy area near water. One goose, part of an aquatic species, has its wings spread open, while the rest are standing with wings closed. Trees and blurred greenery are visible in the background.

Geese & heron control

Maintain a balanced environment with our effective geese and heron control solutions. Our wildlife management strategies prevent these birds from disrupting your water bodies.
A raccoon stands amidst tall grass and plants, looking slightly to the side, blending seamlessly into its habitat. Its keen eyes seem ever watchful, hinting at the predatory instincts within this curious species.

Racoon & pest control

Ensure the health of your pond with our professional raccoon and pest control services. We use safe and effective methods for predatory animal control.
A close-up image of a mosquito, a predatory species, perched on a green leaf with a blurred green background.

mosquito management & removal services

Enjoy a mosquito-free environment with our targeted mosquito management and removal services. Our habitat modification techniques reduce breeding areas and manage mosquito populations.
A close-up image of a zebra mussel, an aquatic invasive species, resting on a sandy underwater surface. The shell is brownish with distinct dark stripes, highlighting the predatory nature of this aquatic menace.

zebra and quagga mussel services

Safeguard your water systems with our zebra and quagga mussel removal services. We provide contaminant reduction and habitat modification to prevent these invasive species from causing damage.
The algae-covered water surface, with patches of greenish growth, creates a textured pattern that supports various aquatic species.

algae & lakeweed control

Keep your water clean and clear with our expert lakeweed and algae control services. We use aquatic weed management and algae control methods to maintain water clarity and prevent harmful blooms.

Commercial & Residential Aquatic Services

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We manage a variety of predatory animals, including raccoons, geese, herons, and other pests that can disrupt the balance of your lake or pond ecosystem. 

We use a combination of manual removal, biological controls, and eco-friendly treatments to effectively manage and eliminate invasive aquatic species.

Yes, we prioritize sustainable and environmentally friendly practices to ensure the long-term health and balance of your aquatic ecosystem.

Regular monitoring is crucial; we recommend seasonal assessments to ensure early detection and management of any emerging issues.

Effective management improves water quality, enhances biodiversity, prevents ecological damage, and maintains the aesthetic appeal of your water body.