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Pond Services

Design & Installation

We offer expert pond design and installation services to create beautiful, functional ponds tailored to your landscape, ensuring a seamless integration with your environment. Our custom pond design process incorporates architectural elements to enhance your pond's aesthetic and functionality.

Maintenance & Repair

Our comprehensive pond maintenance and repair services keep your pond in optimal condition. Our services include pond cleaning, filter maintenance, and pond equipment upgrades.

Treatment Solutions

We provide effective treatment solutions to maintain clear water and control algae. Our pond water quality management includes algae control and chemical treatments for ponds.

Your Trusted Partner in Pond Maintenance

At LMI, we make pond maintenance simple and hassle-free. Our range of services will ensure your pond stays clean and beautiful. We combine years of expertise in pond management with a passion for maintaining beautiful water features. Let us handle the upkeep, so you can simply enjoy the beauty of your pond.

A small backyard pond with clear water, lily pads, and a few fish. It is surrounded by stacked stone and has a small waterfall on one side. Pond construction was expertly done, ensuring tranquility. There are plants and trees in the background.

Why choose Us:

  • Local Expertise. As a locally based company, we have a deep understanding of the regional environmental conditions and regulations, allowing us to provide effective and compliant pond management solutions.
  • Expert Knowledge and Experience. Our team has years of specialized expertise in pond management. We understand the unique needs of different pond ecosystems and apply proven techniques to keep them healthy.
  • Tailored Approach. Every pond is unique. We provide customized solutions based on the specific conditions and requirements of your pond.

Pond Management Solutions

We’re not just pond experts; we’re enthusiasts who care about your pond’s well-being. From building new ponds to taking care of them, LMI is your go-to expert for comprehensive pond care.

pond construction service

Pond construction

We design and build custom ponds, using expert techniques to create beautiful, functional, and sustainable water features. Our backyard pond installation services ensure that your new pond blends seamlessly with your surroundings..

pond maintenance

Keep your pond in top condition with our routine pond maintenance services, including debris removal, water quality testing, and equipment checks. We focus on pond water quality and algae management to keep your pond ecosystem balanced.
Pond Construction Repair & Maintenance

Pond repairs

We offer reliable pond repair services to address structural issues, leaks, and equipment malfunctions, restoring your pond to its optimal state. Our services cover pond liner repair, pump repair, and filtration system repairs.
pond cleaning company

Pond water quality testing

Ensure the health of your pond with our pond water quality testing, which monitors key parameters like pH, nutrients, and oxygen levels for a balanced ecosystem. Our testing helps prevent issues and supports effective pond water quality management.

Commercial & Residential Aquatic Services

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Other Aquatic Services

Algae blooms & weed control

Invasive species mitigation and control

Water clarity & quality testing

shoreline erosion management

Water level management & detection

Liner & bottom soil damage

infrastructure damage

Mosquitos and other pests

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Regular maintenance should be performed at least once or twice a year, with additional checks as needed to manage algae growth, debris, and equipment functionality.

Pond construction includes designing the layout, excavation, installing liners and filtration systems, and adding features like waterfalls or plants, tailored to fit your landscape and aesthetic preferences.

We use a combination of eco-friendly treatments, mechanical removal, and preventive measures to effectively manage and control algae and invasive weeds, ensuring clear and healthy water.

Common signs include water loss, leaks, pump malfunctions, or structural damage. If you notice any of these issues, it’s best to consult a professional for timely repairs to prevent further damage.

Water quality testing monitors key parameters like pH, nutrients, and oxygen levels, helping to identify and address issues early, ensuring a balanced ecosystem and preventing problems like fish kills and excessive algae growth.