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Fountain Maintenance

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Pond Cleaning

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Fountain Maintenance

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Public Shopping & Business Complexes

Shopping Centers & Business Complexes

Orange County, California

Aquatic Services, Business Center, Shopping Malls

Algae Control & Deep Cleanings

No one blamed anyone for this. The management of a water structure is difficult when one is not familiar, for even a pond contractor. During an inspection, our qualified pond contractor examines building equipment, construction of the water feature, and many other things. When providing pond maintenance services to large lakes and business clients, we visit the lake and get certifications from the compliance warehouse.

Lake Management Inc. (LMI) is a family-owned company offering pond and waterfall services, which is a partnership between many apartments, HOA facilities, and burial grounds in a broad spectrum of states. Is the filtering system failing on your pool-size Koi pond services? Contact our pond builders now for the first consultation. It’s best to add the aerator to a pond for the fish or turtle.

Commercial & Residential Koi Pond Services


Custom Maintenance Plans

Offering custom water garden and koi pond maintenance services and plans specifically for your property. We are a qualified pond contractor and understand what it takes to handle koi fish, turtles, water plants, and other water garden essentials. Most pool guys and even a pond contractor cannot match this level of knowledge or satisfy custom pond pleasure demands.


Leak Detection And Repairs with Equipment Servicing & Installation

Have a leak on your koi pond services? Need a UV light replaced? We can help. We offer equipment and leak review and repairs with our recurring management plans.

High-quality koi pond services equipment is a must for any pond. We specialize in providing industry-leading pond pumps & filtration. From submersible pump / UV-light kits to custom commercial-grade bio-filtration set up for easy maintenance.


Bi-Weekly Koi Pond Maintenance & Cleanings

Koi pond services need frequent maintenance and repairs to stay in their best condition. That’s why we schedule maintenance appointments bi-weekly. We’ll clear out pond filters, check UV lights, check the waterfall, and ensure the air pumps are in working order. We also offer larger communities like apartment complexes and HOAs offer larger communities like apartment complexes, and HOAs custom lake maintenance services and plans, which may include additional water features on the property – be it a pond, water fountain, or stream, or waterfall.


Outdoor Pond Maintenance and Equipment Services

Outdoor ponds are subject to all kinds of wear and tear from the weather. Larger reservoirs require a lot of work and functioning pieces to keep the ecosystem in balance. The smaller ones, on the other hand, are often neglected, because owners underestimate how much care they require. Both benefit from professional care and regular maintenance services. In addition to our maintenance and cleaning services, we also oIn addition to our maintenance and cleaning services, we also offer a number of pieces of equipment for your koi pond services. 


Koi Pond & Water Garden Equipment Installation & Repair

We supply the highest quality pumps, filtration equipment, and UV lights to ensure your koi are living in a clean, safe, and healthy environment.

A good pump is a necessity for any pond. It circulates water throughout the system to ensure the water is clean and the air in the pool and waterfall is fresh. Unlike other water gardens related sites, the pumps that we provide are powerful, quiet, and are programmed to save electricity. Pumps must be custom-fit to an environment, so our pond contractor will help measure your pond and find the right-sized option for you

Water Garden & Koi Pond Leaks & Reseals

Cement and rubber liner reseal and pond leak repair services for your pond or water feature. Need to store your fish? We offer fish storage and transportation services as well.

Highest Rated Koi Pond & Natural Pond Services

With over 40 years of experience working with aquatic landscapes, we at Lake Management Inc. are proud to be the trusted partners of koi pond enthusiasts in Orange County and other parts of California. We build a custom pond to fit your space and keep it in custom pond pleasure working order with regular upkeep. A clean, right-sized pond combined with fully operational and high-quality equipment means happy, thriving koi.

Our services range from simple pond repairs, to leak removal, to deep cleans, and more. Whether your own pond is part of a commercial display or you have a private water garden within your home, Lake Management Inc. is here to maintain your pond water and waterfall, and give your Koi fish the best possible place to live.

Koi Pond Cleaning Vs Koi Pond Maintenance

Cleaning a koi pond services isn’t an easy job, even for the most attentive koi lovers. Our team knows how to clean water features without harming the fish within or disrupting the delicate balance of living bacteria that koi need to thrive.

Our cleaning process varies depending on your pond’s specific needs. We can do a simple clearing of leaves and other debris gathered on the surface of the water or completely drain the pond and give it a thorough deep clean.

Koi Pond Cleanings
Filtration Repairs
Uv Light Replaced


Experts in general koi pond services.

sensitive to the needs of your fish


Rebuilding or constructing a new pond? Need a new waterfall? Contact us for designs, consultations, and construction services for your project.

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Aquatic Management Services

Homeowner Association Lake Maintenance

We are pond repair and maintenance experts of large bodies of water. Our lake management experts are especially equipped and trained to detect whether your pond or water feature installation is actively losing water, potentially costing your property thousands of dollars annually in wasted water.

Country Club Pond Services

We oversee a diverse group of both public and privately owned golf courses in the Anaheim area. Our staff is always prepared, knowledgeable, and as discrete as possible when dealing with a client. We can work on the pond water around your hours and when customers are not golfing in the local area.

Public Park Water Feature Services

Professional services for public parks requiring commercial-grade management. Our aquatic technicians are capable of managing all types of water features, including fountains, waterfalls, and commercial-grade equipment.

Hotel And Apartment Complex Water Features

Professional services for public parks requiring commercial-grade management. Our aquatic technicians are capable of managing all types of water features, including fountains, waterfalls, and commercial-grade equipment.

Frequently Asked Questions

Recently, we’ve decided to take on the residential koi pond services industry. From pond repairs to custom designs, to custom pond restoration, to leak removals on any sized pond – we can help. Our experience with large water feature problems gives us an advantage over many of our counterparts who only understand small ponds and cookie-cutter filtration. We understand what it takes to keep your water feature clear, easy to maintain, and easy to repair.

Own a business complex, apartment complex, hotel, or other commercial establishment that requires a professional company to handle your repairs and maintenance? As we were established initially to handle commercial ponds, we’ll have no problem evaluating your commercial koi pond services for leak issues and maintenance routines. From natural pond-like water features to sterile pool-like water features, we can service any commercial property.

Own a water garden or aquaponic system? Believe it or not, we receive inquiries from local nurseries that are actively using fish nutrients to fertilize their gardens. From growing trees for commercial landscape jobs to legal cannabis companies, we’ve helped set up automated water gardens with pond and pondless waterfalls for many professional growers across California.

From submersible koi pond services pumps to professional-grade external pond pumps with automation and power-saving features – we’ve installed them all. Some are fixable, others are not. We always recommend high-quality pumps to our clients, as we understand how to maximize returns on their investment by reducing noise, saving on electricity, and by providing pumps that are powerful enough to keep even the dirtiest ponds clean. We know koi pond pumps.

Not all filtration is the same. We specialize in building custom koi pond filtration setups. Our pond repair services include providing top-notch pressure filters, sized according to your pond. Forget all-in-one filtration and pump combos. The koi pond services we build is top-notch, can be backwashed with ease, and even waters your local garden with high-quality organic fertilizer. Contact our pond repair service for a custom installation or repair today.

UV lights are great for any size pond. These ultra-violet lights help kill any bacteria exposed to the appropriate amount of light. Don’t be fooled by all those UV light systems though, as only specific lights will work with certain koi pond services. We provide complete service details. We know service providers listed in the pond retailer network for a local area and know how to locate companies for maintenance and overall operations.

The Pond cleaning service is usually a one-to-two services per year process after installation, which includes completely draining the pond; holding the fish in a storage container (safe from predators); removing any excess algae or debris or cleaning the filtration media stuck in return lines; and potentially cleaning the filtration media, depending on which type of filtration is used.

Pond maintenance is the recurring process of bi-weekly or monthly light maintenance, which consists of checking UV lights, backwashing filters, and removing debris from the surface of the pond.

For features ranging from 500 to 3000 gallons of water, residential bi-weekly koi pond services maintenance fees typically start at around $160 per month, per water feature on the property.

For larger commercial koi ponds, pricing can start at around $300 to $600 per month, per water feature. Although these features hold around 3,000 to 10,000 gallons, other properties that have streams, waterfalls, and fountains running through the property may have to bear higher monthly maintenance costs.

A pool-size koi pond service starts at around $500 to $800 for a simple drain and clean. This doesn’t include cleaning filtration media, replacing UV lights, and other repair jobs for items that might need to be replaced during a cleaning.

Larger koi pond services with large fish may require larger storage tanks to hold these large fishes during the cleaning process, and this can increase the cost by $1,000 to $2,500 per cleaning, depending on the size of the water feature.

Most koi ponds in Orange County and other parts of Southern California will not need a pond heater. Unless you’re in the mountains or in a frigid desert area, your koi should be fine.

If you do live in very cold climate, a koi pond services can help keep your koi fish and turtles healthy, including koi pond plants like water lilies, etc.

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