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Offering Commercial & Residential Water Features Services. Repairs, Maintenance, Consultations, Management & More

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A koi pond with a waterfall and koi fish that requires specialized lake management.


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Servicing All Types of Water Features

Lake Management Inc. is an expert in commercial and residential water features. We’ve been in the pond and lake management services industry since 1976. Our family-run business spans three generations and has led the way in lake and pond management.

At LMI, we go beyond the basics by providing a comprehensive suite of lake management services, from advanced lake maintenance to innovative wetland management.

We blend decades of expertise with a tailored approach that prioritizes your financial and environmental needs.

Whether you oversee a corporate complex, manage HOA water features, or manage aquatic centers, our committed team ensures that every aspect of your pond is taken care of.

Our Services

We offer specialized services in lake management, including maintaining and repairing water features of all sizes. Our dedicated lake management team is trained to detect and fix leaks promptly, saving your property from costly water wastage. Whether you seek expert advice, regular maintenance, or restoration solutions, LMI is here to help.

Lakeweed Algae Removal Services California | Lake Management Inc.

Algae & Lakeweed Services

Professional management and removal of algae and invasive lake weeds to ensure clear water, enhance aquatic health, and maintain ecological balance.
Plumbing system with grey pipes and blue valve, marked with flow direction arrows. It is mounted on a tiled floor amidst other pipes, blending seamlessly into the comprehensive infrastructure typical of Lake Management Services.

Aquatic Equipment Services

Installation, maintenance, and repair of lake equipment like aeration systems, fountains, and water pumps to ensure optimal lake function and health.
A large stone water fountain in a garden, offering services for the management of the lake.

Fountain & Waterfall Services

Design, installation, and maintenance of decorative fountains and waterfalls to enhance lake aesthetics and improve water circulation.
Golf Course Pond Lake Management California | Lake Management Inc.

Golf Course Water Feature Services

Comprehensive care for ponds, fountains, and waterfalls, including installation, maintenance, and repair to enhance beauty and promote water health.
A serene lake surrounded by charming houses and majestic rocks.

HOA Water Feature Services

Specialized installation, maintenance, and repair of ponds, fountains, and waterfalls for homeowner associations to enhance community aesthetics and ensure water feature functionality.
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Lake & Pond Aeration

Installation and maintenance of aeration systems to improve oxygen levels, enhance water quality, and support aquatic life in lakes and ponds.

Water Feature Management

Commercial & Residnetial Water Feature Services

Large & Small Lake Management

We service all lakes and ponds - no matter the size.

Lake Design & Construction Services

From conceptualization to construction and maintenance, we're your go-to experts for all aspects of lake design.

Leak Detection & Repairs

If your lake has a leak, you can count on us to locate and repair it. We’ll also provide a quote outlining the costs to fix the leak.

Lake Consulting & Management Plans

We offer consultation services for your water features and craft budget-friendly comprehensive lake management plans.

A serene stream in a garden, integrated with meticulous lake management services.
Water lilies in a lake with a waterfall.
A management monument with a fountain in the middle of a field.
A modern living room featuring a captivating water feature, expertly managed by Lake Management Services.
A garden stream with vibrant flowers and carefully arranged rocks.
A home with a swimming pool and a serene view of the lake at dusk.
A beautiful fountain gracing the heart of a bustling city landscape.
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At Lake Management Inc., we’ve completed several successful projects across the residential and commercial space, including pond and fountain installation, HOA fountain rehab, and swimming lagoon repairs. Each of our projects demonstrates our commitment to quality and innovation. Let’s collaborate! How can we help you with your next project?

A pool with chairs and palm trees in the background.

Swimming Lagoon Services

A serene koi pond in a backyard with a pergola, perfect for relaxation and tranquility.

Custom Koi Pond Construction

A new house is being built with a large rock in the middle of the yard that requires management.


A backyard with a pool and a stone patio.

Pond & Waterfall Construction

Lake Services

We offer various lake management services tailored to preserve your pond or lake. As a leading Lake Management Company, we offer everything from construction and design to cleaning, repair, and restoration, ensuring your lake receives top-tier maintenance and care.

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Lake Construction & Design Services

Our team creates industry-leading designs that transform your ideas into tangible, aesthetically pleasing water features.
A green swamp with tall grasses and reeds, perfect for Lake Management Services.

Lake Cleaning & Debris Removal Services

We restore the beauty and health of your lake by efficiently removing debris and pollutants, ensuring pristine water quality and a vibrant ecosystem.
A wooded area with an empty lake.

Lake Repair & Leak Detection Services

We swiftly identify and repair leaks using advanced technology, safeguarding your lake from water loss.
An aerial view of an orange excavator repairing a lake.

Lake Restoration Services

We breathe new life into degraded lakes by employing environmentally friendly lake restoration methods.

Commercial & Residential

Offering professional services for customers who demand perfection



Let’s face it, managing large bodies of water is hard work! Fortunately, we are experts in this field. From equipment to water chemistry and more, we handle it all!

  • Increasing your filtration size can help cover more waste when your system is overpopulated.
  • Changing your pump from a submersible pump to an external pool pump helps move more water.
  • Adding larger returns and on either side of your water feature helps heavy sediment make it to the filter.
  • Feeding your fish and wildlife less helps reduce waste and is therefore less work for your equipment to handle.
  • Having annual or semi-annual cleanings will help remove excess waste and vegetation that don’t reach the equipment.

At Lake Management Inc., we’ll teach you what to look for when assessing your lake and how to avoid costly repairs. Some of the questions we may ask include:

  • Do you know when your water feature was constructed?
  • What methods were used to build your lake? i.e., rubber only vs rubber and cement together
  • Are you familiar with your equipment? Are there predators near your water features?
  • How often are you required to clean and backwash your system?

Is your water feature overpopulated with fish and wildlife?
How often do you feed your fish and wildlife?
Professional Wetland Management Services

When you hire a professional team to take care of your lake, you get an experienced team that knows how to handle all the aspects of lake management.

  • At LMI, we inspect and manage conservation sites and nature reserves in your area regularly to ensure that our clients comply with local governmental agencies’ policies and guidelines.
  • To do this, we first remove all invasive species from the area by trimming and cutting them down using controlled methods. We then perform selective weed-killer sprays to prevent regrowth.
  • Whether you’re looking to avoid getting into trouble with the law or have already met the required criteria, our professional staff can provide continued maintenance to ensure you are not violating any regulations.
  • We are fully licensed, bonded, and insured by industry-leading manufacturers and with labor warranties.
  • We also offer​ 24/7 residential and commercial emergency aquatic services.
  • If you aren’t happy with our services – you can cancel anytime! We provide the best customer service in the business.
  • Fantastic pricing and industry-leading quality without cutting any corners!
  • We prioritize the use of high-quality products and certified aquatic technicians.

We provide lake management services for all types of lakes, including privately owned, public, and government or community lakes.