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Commercial & Municipal Water Feature Maintenance services

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Lake Management Inc. (LMI) treats every commercial and residential water feature to how it was built, what is in your best interest, both financially and in the long-term. Not everything is a quick and easy fix, especially when it comes to lake and pond management, yet we’ll do our best to make sure you and your water feature are taken care of.

Lake management Inc. entered into the lake and pond management services business in 1976. Three generations strong, our lake and pond management company has over 40 years of experience in fisheries management and pond management services throughout the country.

Our pond management company provides lake maintenance, wetland management, and all kinds of pond and lake management services — and is working with many corporate clientele throughout the west coast, providing apartment management and HOA water features, cemetery ponds and lake management services, as well as aquatic centers requiring pool and spa services.


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Servicing farm and agricultural water features to community lakes — including HOAs, apartment complexes, and more. Our services range from custom lake maintenance to complete equipment overhauls. Oftentimes, we’ll service multiple types of water features on one property and offer pond maintenance services when needed.


Offering custom service options for commercial and koi pond maintenance and water gardens. Understanding key elements in a koi pond or lake is a must in order for a healthy ecosystem to thrive and create beauty for your landscape. Offering custom landscape design is a service we also provide, in addition to introduction of native plants and other aquatic management services. LMI has partnerships with some of Southern California’s premier aquatic plant suppliers. You can visit them with water samples to determine which fountain, pond or lake aquatic plant culture you need before installation.


From floating blue-green algae to harmful algae blooms, we have most likely handled it before, or are still currently handling it. Certain types of algae and aquatic weed are difficult to remove. They recede in the colder months / during the winter, and then they break out in full bloom come spring and summertime. For this, we’ve created a “summer-time maintenance plan” and “winter-time maintenance plan” for our clients. The last thing any commercial property wants to do is leave their lake untreated for nuisance vegetation removal during the colder months. Your warmer months could then turn costly when you don’t manage your pond or lake.


With every water feature, comes aquatic pond equipment — from filtration, pumps and UV lights to custom resealing, aeration additional, and more. Our technicians will know what is best for your water features when reviewing your property. We work with commercial contractors when our clients need pump vaults installed, and large pond and irrigation pumps repaired or replaced, in addition to large custom bio-filtration installation and cleaning.

Cemetery Lake & Pond Maintenance​

Professional lake management services and water feature services for cemeteries requiring commercial-grade aquatic management. Our restoration team is capable of managing optimum aquatic environments, aquatic biology, and all types of natural resources and water features in your pond or lake including fountains, waterfalls, and commercial-grade equipment.

We maintain and repair large bodies of water in your pond or lake. Our lake management service teams are equipped and trained to determine when your water features are losing water and therefore costing your property thousands of dollars every year in wasted water.

We work with professional apartment management companies requiring water feature, stream, and pool maintenance. Our apartment pool & water feature maintenance covers both natural and sterile water feature bids.

From Palm Springs to Arizona desert, we oversee a diverse group of both public and individual golf courses. Our staff is always prepared, knowledgeable, and as discrete as possible when dealing with our pond and lake clients.

Fish Stocking & Fisheries Management Services

Lake Management Inc. is the leading lake and pond fish stocking source in California and Arizona. Our experienced staff has been helping public and private lake owners with fish stocking programs for well over 40 years. The maintenance support and service we provide, including restocking, is what sets us apart.

Shoreline Restoration & Erosion Control

It should never be overlooked. It is one of the most important aspects of a healthy lake or pond. Proactive buffer and littoral zone management not only helps increase the aesthetics of your lake or pond, but it helps protect your waterbody from the harsh effects of erosion and prevents excess nutrients from entering the water column. If erosion damage has become too severe, erosion repair solutions can be implemented to help restore the shoreline and prevent future damage.

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Who Said Lake Maintenance Was Easy!?

Let’s face it, managing large bodies of water is work! Fortunately, we can help. We specialize in the management of large bodies of water. From equipment to water chemistry and more — Lake Management Inc. is here to help.

Increasing your filtration size can help cover more waste when your system is overpopulated.

Changing your pump from a submersible pump to an external pool pump helps move more water.

Adding an ultraviolet light to your water feature helps improve clarity, kills bacteria, and provides algae control.

Adding larger returns and on either side of your water feature helps heavy sediment make it to the filter.

Feeding your fish and wildlife less helps reduce waste and is therefore less work for your equipment to handle.

Having annual or semi-annual cleanings will help remove excess waste and vegetation that don’t reach the equipment.

Improvements In Your Lake Ecosystem & Quality

We’ll teach you what to look for when assessing your water features for issues and how to avoid potentially costly repairs.

Do you know when your water feature was constructed?

What methods were used to build your lake? i.e. rubber only vs rubber and cement together

Are you familiar with your equipment?

Are there predators near your water features?

How often are you required to clean and backwash your system?

Is your water feature overpopulated with fish and wildlife?

How often do you feed your fish and wildlife?

Professional Wetland Management Services

Comprehensive Inspections, Treatments, & Maintenance

Yes! there really is a difference if you hire a lake management company with experience!ace it, managing large bodies of water is work!!

At LMI, we inspect and manage conservation sites, and preserves in your area at regular intervals to ensure that our clients remain in compliance with local governmental agencies’ policies and guidelines.

To do this, we first remove all invasive species from the area by trimming and cutting them down using controlled methods. We then perform selective weed killer sprays to prevent regrowth.

Whether you’re looking to avoid getting into trouble with the law or have already met the required criteria, our professional staff can provide continued maintenance to ensure you are not in violation of any regulations.

Fully licensed, bonded and insured with industry-leading manufacturer and labor warranties.

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The highest quality products and certified, aquatic technicians is our top priority.

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