Use Your Koi Pond Waste On Your Organic Herbs And Garden

Gardening With Your Koi Pond Waste

Whenever we build a koi pond we always ask about where the fish waste will go. Similar to that of a fish tank, a koi pond or water garden will need to be cleaned or what we call “backwashed” – the process of emptying fish waste from the filtration media. Typical pond companies suggest to have this waste go down the drain and be discarded of, but we always suggest to have the fish waste routed to your herbs or local garden.

Project Details

Project Name: Gardening With Your Koi Pond Waste

Published Date: March 11, 2020

Location: Garden Grove California

Value: $1,500

Type of Project: Gardening

Use Koi Fish Waste On Your Garden Vs Store-Bought Synthetics

The process is not that difficult. We simply setup your pond equipment to be routed around your yard and garden. Once a month or however often your pond needs to be backwashed (this depends on how many fish you have vs pond size) you simply turn a lever and let the pond waste flow around your garden.

Not All Pond Equipment Is Setup To Connect To Your Plants

Don’t let a pond company sell you on submersible pumps and filtration as these cannot be backwashed like that of a bio-filtration system or pressure filter (external pond equipment) we always suggest having pond equipment capable of backwashing so you may remove the waste from your pond entirely. Submersible equipment (that goes inside your water pond) doesn’t allow backwashing and only collects the waste over time, eventually needing to replace or clean the filtration media manually. This is more work for the pond owners and serves to be more unpleasant for those who own water features.

Never Shop For Vegetables Or Herbs At The Store Again

We can set you up with a custom pond that is easy to manage, and serves as a utility for your property and family. People who visit will think “oh wow what a beautiful addition to your property” while they might have no idea the vegetables and herbs they are eating at dinner are grown right on the property and fertilized by the fish they think are meant purely for decoration. Koi fish, carp, turtles, and many other water species are great for fertilizing your herbs and garden, we suggest you call us today to see if your pond is capable of doing this, or if you’d like to build a pond and have it setup for these reasons – (951) 421-1493

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