Own a pond, lake or fountain in Orange County, California? Most likely your water feature is either a natural water garden of some sort (with koi fish and all) or a chemically treated water feature which will not have any living organisms. Fortunately, it’s pretty simple to convert your chemically treated pond or fountain if you do perhaps want to add koi fish, turtles, or pond plants.

Let’s assume you have a natural water garden, koi pond, or backyard fountain – and you’re going to want to add some water lilies or aquatic iris to your water feature. Do you know where to go to find your water plants? A better question yet – who will install your pond plants? Can you use your landscape company to help out with this? These are a few questions many Orange County pond and fountain owners call and ask us, which is why we decided to write an article about the topic to help anyone who is truly curious, and lives in the surrounding area.



Where Can I Find Pond Plants In And Around Orange County CA?

There are only a few select aquatic plant suppliers in Southern California, let alone in Orange County.

Inland Koi Fish, Plants, & Pond Supply – Fountain Valley, CA

18122 Mt. Washington, Fountain Valley, CA 92708
TEL (714) 438-0087
EMAIL: [email protected]

Andrews Koi Fish & Plant Supply – Anaheim CA

1650 South Brookhurst St Anaheim, California 92804
TEL (714) 778-8888
FAX (714) 778-5588
EMAIL: [email protected]

Van Ness Water Gardens – Upland CA
2460 North Euclid Avenue Upland, California 91784-1199
TEL (909) 982-2425
FAX (909) 949-7217

Sales, Questions and Support Email: [email protected]
Web Site Function Tech Support Email: [email protected]

Hours: Open Saturday and Sunday 8:00am – 7:00pm
Other times by appointment (call 818-274-7141)
Orders can be received after hours at (909) 982-2425

Who Will Install The Plants In My Orange County Pond, Fountain, Or Lake?

Ideally you want a company who understands how your pond plants should be handled. For example, you don’t want to add plants to any parts of the water feature which are heavily turbulent or where the water is constantly moving. Water lilies, watercress, and water hyacinth, don’t like to be disturbed often. Therefore you should place these plants in areas where little to no water movement occurs. If you live in Orange County, Riverside, or parts of Los Angeles, we can assist you with your water plant installation. Although certain times of year we are back-logged and cannot accommodate all requests. We always suggest you see the plants first in person, and we’ll do the rest as well.

Can My Landscape Company Install The Plants For Me?

Sure! As long as they aren’t actively walking around in your water feature potentially causing your pond or fountain to leak – you should be fine. You can install pond plants relatively easily yourself as well if interested. By carefully adding a couple cement cinder blocks (emphasis on carefully!) to your water feature and inter-webbing the plant material through the holes or using a string to attach the plant to the block initially should work fine. You can remove the string once the plants are successfully attached to the block.

The last thing you want to do is drill any holes, or walk around in your pond so please be careful if you do hire elsewhere or attempt to do this yourself.

What Kind Of Plants Are Most Commonly Purchased And Installed In This Area?

It really depends on what type of water feature you have and what your goal is. There are decorative pond plants, and also pond plants meant for bird nesting and soil stability, so it begins with your needs initially.


cattail removal services | Lake Management Inc.







Cattails – what we all knew growing up. Mostly used for wetland management, nesting areas for small birds and animals, these are a great “structural plant” and can help stabilize the area. The one thing you’ll want to watch out for is these can grow in up to 4 feet of water, so be prepared to have to maintain your cattails if you do end up using them.



water canna pond plant supply orange county 298x300 1 | Lake Management Inc.

Water Canna – a relatively easy plant to manage, which can be beautiful when flowered, normally during the summer months. These can grow 2-6 feet depending on the conditions and management of the water plant.


pond maintenance 2 | Lake Management Inc.

Water Lilies – Probably the most requested and well-known aquatic plant. Water lilies are easy to manage and pretty much take care of themselves when planted and treated correctly. This plant can spawn “pond lily” a fragrant, many-petaled white or pinkish flower.

If you have questions related to the pond plants and which might be best for your water feature, we suggest calling the plant suppliers first in order to gather what plants are in-stock, and are best suited for your water feature. We can also assist you with this question, but we do not keep tabs on what is in stock, so please contact each company first, and we’ll do the rest.

Feel free to email us at [email protected] or give us a call at (714) 312-1260
Original content source: lakemanagementinc.net

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