Koi Pond Tips From Lake Management Inc. – Fish Feeding & Maintaining Your Pond Year Round

Just like human beings your koi fish need to be fed regularly with the right diet in order to grow healthy and keep a sustainable ecosystem in your pond. Koi should be fed 1-3x per week and with high quality food in order to stay healthy, vibrant, and happy – while not causing your filtration and pumps to work overtime. Many of our customers feed their fish daily and this causes excess waste buildup throughout the water feature – we encourage only a few times per week, if that.

Own a commercial or residential pond? Our pond maintenance plans are based on your water feature and perfect for any size pond, stream, or lake – Request a quote from a company with over 40 years. Lake Management Inc. is OC’s best pond service – if you need a quote, or advice with managing your pond. Lake Management started as an Orange County pond maintenance company and has since taken on Riverside, and parts of Los Angeles due to an increase in demand.

Some super-cool foods for fish (some sort of crowd / kid pleasers that won’t result in large amounts of waste) are using fruits like grapefruit, oranges, and similar. Some of our clients have strings with clamps on the end and attach the fruit slices accordingly – the fish will then come to the edge of the water to feed. Kids always love this.

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