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How Long Does It Usually Take To Install A Disappearing Waterfall System?

Depending on the scope of the project and the design, installation may be done in as few as one day or could take one or two weeks! A majority of residential pondless waterfall designs can be installed with no or little damage to your current mature landscapes in only one to two days. Whenever you hire a professional contractor that specializes in Waterscape Construction and Design, you can rely on a team of very talented people to get in and out of your property to deliver beautiful waterscapes that well exceeds all of your expectations.

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What Is The Difference In Price For Waterfall Construction Versus Regular Pond Construction?

There are many individuals who mistake these kinds of waterfalls construction as costing less than a pond does. However, that is not true. Believe it or not, when done properly, this type of feature costs about as much as a pond of a similar size. However, overall the waterfalls do cost less than a pond. You don’t have to buy fish for a disappearing water feature, or filter pads, or chlorine neutralizers, or fish food. The chances of you having to pay a costly yearly cleaning (depending on what the Fish Loads are) on disappearing water falls are very low to none. Since you are going to have a waterfall that does not have a pond you will not feel compelled to buy expensive and rare water lilies! So it is true that the perception of the water features being less expensive compared to a pond, it isn’t true when it comes to construction costs.

Does A Disappearing Waterfall Have To Run 24 Hours Per Day?

No, it does not. One of the more compelling reasons for why a disappearing waterfall has grown in popularity in the current landscape is because the waterfall can be turned off whenever you want to. It is mandatory with an ecosystem pond that your waterfall filtration be run 24 hours per day to maintain life within your ecosystem. With this style of water feature the system can be shut on and off whenever you want. If you are running the pump on a disappearing waterfalls just 12 hours per day, it is going to cost you half in electricity costs compared to a similar size of pond. It’s no problem if you are going to leave town for a few days. All you need to do it turn off your disappearing waterscapes and then when you back home turn it on again. This is just one more reason why disappearing waterfalls have become so popular is such a short amount of time.

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Can My Pond-Less Waterfall Be Put On A Remote Control Or A Timer?

Absolutely! Disappearing water features may be put on a timer that will turn your water-feature off and on just like your nightscape or pool lighting. Many people run their landscape water feature early in the morning while they are making their preparations for their day depending on where the waterfall is located. For example, if you have your disappearing feature as your kitchen’s focal point, it is very nice to be greeted by the look and sound of your waterfall while you are making your coffee and breakfast and lunch for that day, and reading your newspaper. If you wake up in the morning at 6 and leave at 8 for work, your waterfall could set to activate right before 6 am and then turn it off right after 8 am, and then right before you arrive home turn it back on while saving on your electricity costs all day.

You also can have a remote control to use with a disappearing waterscape that can be used inside of your home to turn your waterfall off and on! The bonus on that feature, compared to a timer, is that on Saturday morning when you would usually have a big breakfast, you won’t have to worry about your waterfall turning off suddenly right after 8 am. A majority of times will not know you are planning on being in your kitchen longer on Saturday mornings.

What Type Of Maintenance Does This Type Of Water Feature Need?

Actually the disappearing waterfall is probably the easiest water fall to maintain when it comes to maintenance. Algae may be maintained by adding beneficial enzymes and bacteria or algae control product every month and with an automatic type of water fill valve is properly installed, you won’t ever need to water into your waterscape in order to compensate for any evaporation. You can turn off a disappearing waterscape and a blower may be used for removing leaf debris in a creek bed that is now dry every fall.

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