Lake And Pond Maintenance For Homeowner Community Associations

Formulating comprehensive strategies for lake and pond maintenance is of upmost importance for those with water quality issues. Looking for companies that offer up to date technology and advanced lake management services can help mitigate water problems as well as incorporating some do-it-yourself ideas.

Below are some tips on how to find a good solution for pond and lake maintenance.

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Large Pond Maintenance

For any commercial pond maintenance services, it is important to keep the pond as clean and beautiful for the surrounding community as possible. A good service should include a maintenance program for the aerator or fountain, if applicable. Proper aeration is important because it allows the pond to breathe in order to maintain any aquatic life.

It is also good for any long term management to incorporate biological augmentation, pond dyes, and submerged aeration. These will all help to keep the water quality beautiful and clear in any large pond maintenance plan.

Mosquito control is also something to be aware of when maintaining a large pond. Sometimes adding minnows can help with this as well as adding mosquito control products.

Some services also offer fishery biologists. These experts help to restore water quality and can stock fish effectively to help control the prey to predator ratio.

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Small Lake Maintenance

Keeping the temperature of the water down in a small lake is important to the overall HOA water feature maintenance of the lake to prevent out of control algae and bacteria development. In order to achieve this it is a good idea to have trees surrounding the water in order to shade it. This is beneficial to animal and plant life in the lake and will also inhibit the growth of algae.

There are other important items that should be included in planting along lakes shores, such as rushes and reeds. These items provide refuge for species, treat areas of poor water quality and sewage, and also create a habitat for birds, protect the bank from erosion, and filters run off and soil from fields.

Oxygenating the water is one of the most important things to keeping a small lake healthy. This allows for the breakdown of decaying fish waste and vegetation, as well as the survival of amphibians, fish, and plant life. If a lake lacks oxygen the water will become stagnant and smell, and a thick layer of algae will form which will further inhibit oxygen from reaching the water. Aerators and waterfalls help to bring oxygen to the water and bring a balance for plant and animal life in the lake.

It is also important to control weeds around a small lake, as they can become extremely invasive. Thin the weeds by using a long-handled scythe. Where the water is deeper it is important to contract with a specialist to take care of weed control.

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Aquatic Consulting Services

For more information on the proper care and maintenance of lakes and ponds, visit Lake Management Inc. We can discuss any questions that may arise about commercial lake and pond maintenance service. Call today for a quote for your pond or lake.

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