Golf Courses Aren’t The Same Without Beautiful Water Features

Water features on a golf course can significantly increase the value-perceived for that specific property. Not only are golf course water features a bonus for the golfers, the overall tranquility and appeared value of the property is increased. We’ve all seen those green-murky ponds on golf courses. We more-so feel the need to avoid that golf course entirely including the water feature in front of us while golfing. Yet if we have a clean, well-maintained pond, lake, or stream in front us – challenge accepted!

I’d even consider jumping into some of the water features on these golf courses if the day is hot enough and the golf course pond is maintained. While these water features seem easy enough to build, and maintain – it’s quite the opposite. Each pond can easily exceed a $30,000 construction cost, not including a bi-weekly maintenance fee of $1,500 – $5,000 p/month.

The trade-off is simple, yet expensive and somewhat risk if you aren’t working with an experienced aquatic company. Most claim to know it all, yet haven’t dealt with millions of gallons of water, nor tens of thousands at times. Not all pond maintenance companies are the same. Most are established and suited to handle residential water features, yet very few are setup, experienced, and insured to be able to handle larger contracts.

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