Need Bi-Weekly Or Annual Lake Management Services?

Ensuring our clients water features are functioning at peak performance requires practical solutions in order to maintain proper water quality and overall appearance. Lake Management reviews each water feature custom to the property its located on and how it was constructed. Water features can impact any property positively and/or negatively if not managed correctly. Water features help increase beauty and value to some properties while aiding in noise reduction near high-traffic parts of areas. To help our clients avoid any problems associated with the maintenance of an appealing, healthy, natural and balanced ecosystem, we provide the most technologically advanced pond and lake management services and products throughout California. We also restore ponds and lakes to their best condition, in addition to reinstating their ecological balance, in situations where the damage is already done.

Lake owners, HOA’s, Apartment complexes and more can benefit from weekly, monthly, quarterly, and sometimes annual lake management services to enhance the local aquatic environment, and community beauty as a whole.

In today’s modern home owner communities, lakes and ponds are often considered to be the centerpieces of the neighborhood. There is a huge demand for homes with lake views, and they often sell for top price when associated with water-front locations.

HOA private community aquatic services | Lake Management Inc.

Lake Management Strategies

Aquatic maintenance plans for your fountain and/or aerator should also be included in the best pond and lake management package. The lake is able to “breathe” with proper aeration.

Management plans for lakes and ponds covering an extended period of time involve a variety of aspects. To maintain the best level of water quality and beauty, biological augmentation, submerged aeration and water dyes are necessary.

In some situations, mosquito control is also necessary. To improve the appeal of your lake environment, mosquito control, aeration and the addition of minnows is also important.

In addition to restoring your pond or lake’s water quality, our seasoned group of fisheries biologists also stock fish and create a predator to prey balance.

When it comes to handling your fisheries, lakes and pond management requirements, we have the necessary technology and equipment.

The ecological balance and aesthetic appeal of your pond or lake is heavily impacted by the growth of unwanted vegetation and algae. The quality and health of any aquatic ecosystem relies on lake weed and algae control.

Highly advanced operations and products are required for proper Lake Management. We only offer top quality eco-friendly aquatic vegetation and algae management services to our clients. To prevent the destruction of the balance in your lake, pond, aquatic eco system or wetland, we use our algae and lake-weed treatment solutions to remove poisonous unfamiliar weeds and algae.

Depending on the species in question, invasive aquatic weeds and algae are not only an eyesore but can also be dangerous to human beings and aquatic life. In addition to hiding the lake’s true beauty, they may be detrimental to aquatic systems and can lead to various problems with regard to water quality. To achieve the targeted goals, it’s important to identify the specific aquatic weeds and algae present in your lake or pond.

Lasting results can be achieved by picking the right product, using it at the appropriate amounts during the right point in time. To decrease/eliminate the likelihood of your aquatic environment looking like the “before” images below, it’s important to have an yearly management plan in place. You can enjoy, as demonstrated by the “after” images below, great results throughout the year, as the seasons change.

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